Artist in residency
January 17 to January 29 and April 5 to April 18, 2017


Coastal Terrarium is a 3-screen panoramic video installation illustrating a cross section of the north pacific coast waters where the artist grew up. The work combines photo-collage, live-action video, 3D modelling using photogrammetry, and stop-motion animation sea creatures composited in After Effects.

This new work is a continuation of the series of Video Terrariums, a collection of panoramic video landscapes using multiple screens and integrating various animation/compositing techniques to reference scenic dioramas as one might find in a natural history museum illustrating a variety of habitats.


Allison Moore is an artist, educator and cultural operator. Originally from Vancouver Island she is based in Montreal and has produced projects in Brazil, Cuba, Australia, and the UK.  Allison achieved a BFA degree with Honors in Interdisciplinary Arts and Video Production at the University of Concordia in 2005. She has since developed projects in video, animation and interactive computing as an invited artist at Studio XX, OBORO and the Society of Arts and Technology in Montreal.