Britta Evans-Fenton

Support to first works

In residency from September 20 until October 7 2011

During the residency I plan on examining the relationship between people and their electronics, specifically the emotional connection we have with our devices.  I will be exploring this topic through two projects.  In the first project, I will be taking photographs of the interiors of commonly found kids toys, particularly toys with elements of artificial life such as a furbys, robot dogs and tamagotchis.  In the second project, I plan on creating a light that will emit different colours that respond to the moods relayed on twitter accounts.  For example, happy tweets will turn the light yellow, and negative tweets into red. While seemingly different, both projects reflect the growing attachment people have towards the electronic world.

Britta Evans-Fenton is an emerging new media artist graduating her BFA in 2011 from the University of Ottawa. She is an active member of the Ottawa art community, where she has displayed her work in local galleries such as the Ottawa Art Gallery, Gallery 115, and in local art festivals such as Chinatown Remixed. She hopes to continue to develop her work as technology and society evolve around us.

Britta Evans-Fenton, Detail of Systems 2011