Daniel Olson

Artist Residency

In residency from August 1st until September 9 2011

Artist talk Wednesday September 7 at 7 PM

«During my residency at DAÏMÕN, I intend to realize two new projects, as well as initiate other new works.

The first project, A Day in the Life, represents a distillation of approximately twenty-five hours of video, shot during a residency in Dublin, down to a one-hour, five-by five grid format. Essentially it will condense four months in the life of an artist-in-residence into a dense audio/visual presentation that will reveal the multiplicity of observation, exploration and experimentation which occupied my time there.

The second project, Talking Head/Sacré tête [sic], is a new work which makes use of a low-tech stage trick to create the illusion of a disembodied head resting on a table. Using a custom-built table and mirror assembly, and the strategic placement of the camera, the work will be recorded live as I recite a text prepared specifically for a disembodied head on a table.

During my residency, I will be adding to my ongoing collection of audio, video and photographic documentation of places and things encountered in the course of life. As is usually the case, I expect to initiate new works in response to the conditions of living and working in a relatively unfamiliar environment.»

Born in California to Canadian parents in 1955, Daniel Olson completed degrees in mathematics and architecture before obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1986 from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax) and a Master of Fine Arts in 1995 from York University (Toronto). Olson’s work – which includes sculpture, multiples, installation, photography, performance, audio, video and artist’s books – has been exhibited widely, including shows at the Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Québec), Galerie Optica (Montréal), and the Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris). His works is documented in several catalogues, including Beside Myself/Hors de moi (St- Hyacinthe, 2010), Playtime (Regina, 2006), Twenty Minutes’ Sleep (Vancouver, 2005), Silence and Other Conditions (Kingston, 2005), Vicious Circle (Chatham/Medicine Hat/Brandon, 2003), and Small World (Cambridge/Lethbridge/Sackville, 2000). Olson has published numerous artist’s books and multiples, most of which have been available at Art Metropole (Toronto), who published of his books The Outline of History (2004) and Sixty-Nine (69) (2005). Since 2001 Olson has been living and working in Montreal. He is the 2009 winner of the Prix Louis-Comtois.

Daniel Olson