Donna Legault

Generative soundscape: prototype creation project

Research and creation

In residence from October 24 to  November 18 2011

For the period of her residency at Daimon, Donna will be continuing the development of a prototype for generative soundscapes. This work will consist of a series of objects that collectively generate dynamic experiences of ambient sound. As audio tracts are introduced they will be mixed live by the participants choice of location in the listening space. These sounds will include sound marks, keynotes and everyday activities collected from local and online sources. The soundscape elements intermingle to generate a precarious sense of place and time by shifting locational identities.

Donna Legault is an Ottawa based artist working in the field of electronic art, sound installation, sculpture and performance. She holds a BA in art history from Carleton University and since her recent graduation from Ottawa University in visual arts her installations and collaborative works have been exhibited in Canada and abroad.

Donna Legault