Artist in residency
August 30 – October 4

DAÏMON welcomes Emmanuelle Gibello, our artist in residence for the month of September. At DAÏMON, Emmanuelle will be continuing her work-in-progress Je t’accompagne, a transmedia project bringing together writing, documentary and sound art.  

Je t’accompagne is a love story between Adrède and Souleymane. November 13, 2017… Paris struck at its very heart. Social media lights up, unforgettable testimonials and messages of peace fill the web. Touched by a message of support, Emmanuelle begins a poignant correspondence with its author, Adrède, a young Kabyle woman living in Algeria. Little by little, Adrède opens up to her, recounting her story of impossible love with a young atheist, Souleymane, a journalist living in Syria trying to reach Algeria to marry her. The more Adrède writes, the more Emmannuelle realizes how precious freedom really is. Her life evokes both the doomed love of Romeo and Juliette, and the hoped-for and chaotic passion of Ulysses and Penelope. Swept up in this and other true stories, Je t’accompagne is the first time Emmanuelle Gibello integrates storytelling into her practice.

The second, sound-based section of Je t’accompagne is made up of the voices of numerous Syrian refugees that Gibello met in France and Canada, as well as the sounds of their Skin-Egos (see Didier Anzieu’s Le Moi-Peau).
These sounds will be composed and played on two instruments invented by Gibello: the Molf and the FONOF.

You are invited to meet Emmanuelle Gibello during two public events at La Filature:

Wednesday, September 20, at 6:30 pm: artist talk
Lecture and sound performance of the first act of Je t’accompagne.

 Wednesday, October 4, at 7 pm: PERF
As part of PERF performance month, an event series hosted by AXENÉO7 from October 4 to 29, Emmanuelle Gibello will be presenting the second act of Je t’accompagne.

Emmanuelle Gibello lives and works in Paris.            

After a year at the preparatory art school, l’Atelier de Sèvres, in 1993 she took courses both in design and architecture ( IDEA ) and at Paris 1 La Sorbonne (Major in visual art), where she eventually obtained her Master in 1999. In 2003, after two years of practice in sound performance in France and abroad, she enrolled in the 20th district Conservatory of electroacoustics with Gino Favotti and Synthesis Computer-Assisted composition with Octavio Lopez.

From as long as she can remember Emmanuelle Gibello has been analyzing her dreams. Her creations are both projections of her unconscious and also a mirror which is directed at the listening viewer. She has developed a practice that borrows from both the visual arts and electronic music. Her work is also imbued by litterature (Didier Anzieu, Samuel Beckett, Philippe K. Dick, Haruki Murakami, etc.). Her composition work is a mix of recorded sounds from multiple contexts, both natural and urban.

Her pieces are performed live by herself or with other performers, as a spatialized multicast or through headphones, to produce a listening experience that is close to that of the real world. Emmanuelle has also invented new instruments in a DIY spirit such as the FONOF which is played with magnets and the Molf, a new musical instrument which is played with spinning tops.

Her work has been performed in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Europe, North America and also on the Internet where she has been active since 1999 in several individual and collaborative projects such as: nocinema.org, myownspace.fr, sobralasolas.org, Le GIASO…