Laboratory residency
March 15 to March 31, 2017

DAÏMÔN is pleased to welcome FET.NAT for an exceptional two-week residency.

This residency will take the shape of a laboratory, where the collective will revisit their production through new technical constraints. The production during the residency, will be broadcast live on a low power FM radio transmitter within a 1 km range around ‘La Filature’’ building. The entire laboratory will be documented and will end with a performance on March 31st.

FET.NAT’s proposal :
In this laboratory FET.NAT will explore the use of MIDI instruments to revisit some of their compositions and to create new ones. Through the technical restictions of this system the band is hoping to show their own limitations and working methods from the uncomfort created by the use of a technology intentionnaly inadequate for their usual practice and also to develop other avenues that will be usefull for future compositions and live shows. This uncumfort will inevitably produce dislocated and angular sounds coming from the paradox between the rigidity of the normalized sounds of the MIDI technology and the organic playing of the musicians using them.

The narrative themes present in the compositions and the lyrics are; Crime, coercive power, sociopathology, solitude, prison. Those themes are always approach in a poetic, caricatural, theatrical and metaphorical way.





Based in Hull, Québec, FET.NAT brings together free jazz, noise, grooves and punk all while evoking the absurd theatrical humor of american wrestling influenced by the RIO (Rock In Opposition) movement and countless unnamable but familiar references from the sub-subconscious. Propulsive rhythms, unconventional guitar riffs, delirious saxophone, and comically nihilistic, theatrically driven spokenword comprise FET.NATS sound.

(Text by Rachel Weldon)

FET.NAT’s members : Pierre-Luc Clément, Olivier Fairfield, JFNO and Linsey Wellman.