Laboratory residency
October 1 to October 13, 2018
Performance on October 13, Facebook event

DAÏMÔN is pleased to host FET.NAT, and the second instalment of their trilogie.

The “lost” trilogy concept is to search for and create ways for the group to break out of their own musical equation as a three-step performer. The idea of performative self-extraction is inspired by the concept of singularity and comes from a reflection on the omnipresent duality between the true and the false, the organic and the synthetic, the detachment of the Human in favor of a digital world. The third stage will mark the real end of the group’s existence (to be indeterminate) and will be demonstrated by the complete self-extraction during the final performance.

During the first phase of Trilogie Atrophique, the members of FET.NAT gradually imposed upon themselves various restrictive parameters, with the goal of attaining self-extraction. The second instalment of the project further highlights this process. Each member of the group will transpose a brief sample of their score (1 to 10 seconds) onto lathe-cut vinyl. The use of lathe-cut—the ancestor of the modern vinyl record—adds a certain ephemerality to the project, as this type of disc has a lifespan limited to 20 to 30 playbacks. This transposition will be used for each instrument, including the vocal and poetic elements of the piece, which will be edited into short, mantra-style fragments to be used and processed live. Observing the results of this phase will be interesting, as each musician will effectively be extracted from the use of their primary instrument. Their usual stylistic approaches will not, however, be entirely effaced, as the individual members of the group will retain control over the playback of their respective instruments’ recordings.

During this laboratory-based residence, DAÏMÔN will be open to the public. Listeners will also be able to follow the performances live at 91.1FM, within a 7 km radius around La Filature. We will close this phase of the project with a live performance in the DAÏMÔN studio on October 13, 2018.

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Based in Hull, Québec, FET.NAT brings together free jazz, noise, grooves and punk all while evoking the absurd theatrical humor of american wrestling influenced by the RIO (Rock In Opposition) movement and countless unnamable but familiar references from the sub-subconscious. Propulsive rhythms, unconventional guitar riffs, delirious saxophone, and comically nihilistic, theatrically driven spokenword comprise FET.NATS sound.

(Text by Rachel Weldon)

FET.NAT’s members : Pierre-Luc Clément, Olivier Fairfield, JFNO and Linsey Wellman.