Handmade Emulsion: Creating Black and White Film

On May 8th, 2016 at 10am


Handmade Emulsion: Creating Black and White Film

Stock From Scratch

Date: Dimanche 8 Mai 2016 – 10am to 6pm

Coût: $50.00, price includes materials

inscriptions: Roger D. Wilson @ , 613 324 – 7504 (cell)

Capacité maximale: 8 participants

Formateur: Alex MacKenzie

Lieu: DAÏMÕN, Chambre Noire (78 Hanson, Gatineau)

Windows Collective aimerait remercier DAÏMÕN pour leur laisser utiliser sa fantastique chambre noire!

Description: The alchemical nature and serendipity of the handmade image are explored in this immersive how-to of hand-brewed emulsion. In this workshop a simple raw low ISO black and white film stock suitable for contact printing will be created, using three key ingredients in the production of a silver based emulsion: gelatin, potassium bromide, and silver nitrate. A basic chemistry lesson will be provided to introduce the essential make-up of film emulsion, followed by a discussion of technique including a contextual screening of examples, and the creation of the emulsion in a darkroom. A variety of application methods are explored including dipping, painting and rolling, followed by contact printing, hand processing, and assessing the results. The workshop is aimed at both experienced practitioners and beginners, and includes all film stock, chemistry, and supplies. It is also recommended that you bring small objects of 16mm width or less and filmstrips for photogramming onto the emulsion.   No prior experience is necessary.

Alex MacKenzie is a Vancouver-based media artist working primarily with 16mm analog film equipment and hand processed imagery. He creates works of expanded cinema, light projection installation, and projector performance. His work has screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the EXiS Experimental Film Festival in Seoul, Lightcone in Paris, Kino Arsenal in Berlin and many other festivals and art spaces worldwide. Alex was the founder and curator of the Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images, the Blinding Light!! Cinema and the Vancouver Underground Film Festival. He has been an artist in residence at Atelier MTK in Grenobles France, the Struts Gallery/Faucet Media in New Brunswick, Cineworks’ Analog Film Annex in Vancouver and Daimon in Gatineau. Alex co-edited Damp: Contemporary Vancouver Media Art (Anvil Press 2008), and interviewed David Rimmer for Loop, Print, Fade + Flicker: David Rimmer’s Moving Images (Anvil Press 2009). He is a founding member of the Iris Film Collective in Vancouver.