Launch and sound performances

Wednesday, February 3rd 2010, 8 pm

At Daïmõn’s Studiõ, 80 rue Hanson

Free admission

This same night, taking place at Axenéo7, the vernissage of the Milutin Gubash exhibits, Born rich, Getting poorer and Daniel Corbeil’s Maquettes et autre dispositifs climatiques will begin at 6:30pm.

Sounds in a box

This project, “Chroniques,” curated by Alexis Bellavance, was proposing to invest various public spaces by squatting at interstices with an audio box, where the passerby will least expect it. Artists Nicolas Bernier, Érick D’Orion, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, and Alexis Bellavance were invited to produce an original audio work for an open and accessible context. This CD is the result.

In “Chroniques,” the artists are exploring the immersive dimension of the act of listening and perception. The works in “Chroniques” present snapshots of sound that recall film soundtracks. Not bound by a single theme, each of the pieces evokes images that serve as a narrative framework and lead us into peculiar worlds.


Érick d’Orion: Chronique d’une vie tue: 08:55

Nicolas Bernier: 10 passages: 09:59

Nelly-Ève Rajotte: Loppu: 07:40

Alexis Bellavance: Minis inconnus en boucle: 10:15


Chroniques is a production of Perte de Signal.


For the CD launch, the Chroniques artists will prensent two live performance.

Érick D’Orion and Alexis Bellavance will present the BOLD project.

BOLD is an audio performance series by three artists from the group Perte de Signal. Inspired by research on games, Alexis Bellavance, Nicolas Bernier and Érick Dorion explore the possibilities of interaction between each other. Through bloody duels, solitary marches and cut-throat trios, they impose their actions as would characters in a Spaghetti Western. Indeed, therein lies the catachresis of *audio | actes*; it is a movie for the ears, a fictitious soundtrack worthy of cowboy kinetics. From silence to explosion, from long shot to close-up, from well-oiled machinery to haphazard mechanics, from abstract landscape to concrete scenery, from impulsive action to languorous reflection… the language is one of extremes.

Nelly-Ève Rajotte, Autio, Audio-video performance

An audio-video performance, Autio is a cross-country American road trip under the sign of abandonment, the extremely large and the detail. From a sound point of view, the abandonment is everything we leave behind; everything already past, like a landscape passing by through the windshield of a car. The extremely large becomes so if we confront it sternly. The sounds clash and file past under the gaze of outsize landscapes.