Chuck Samuels

Research and Creation

In residency from January 9 until 20 and from February 6 until 17 2012

 «With the proposed project, Self Portrait, I am now focusing my gaze upon the manner in which photographers have represented themselves. From the beginning of my interest in photography I was fascinated by the self-portraits of the photographers whose work I admired. Was this rare glimpse of the artist an extension of their work (did they apply their photographic approach to themselves)? Was it honest? Was it truthful? Was it self-aggrandizing? Was it entirely fictional? What did it mean? By revisiting these images I hope to rediscover and reconsider the meaning of this particular photographic practice.»

Chuck Samuels is a Montréal visual artist whose work has been exhibited and published extensively in Québec, Canada, and abroad since 1980. He frequently photographs or films himself and his work tends to address memory, photography and cinema as subject matter. Samuels’ photographs are part of the collections of la Maison européenne de la photographie in Paris, le Musée de la photographie in Charleroi (Belgium), the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa  as well as many private collections in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berkeley, Chicago, Houston, Montréal and San Francisco. His installation and video works have been shown in various venues, including several film/video festivals in Canada.

Chuck Daniels, Untitled