Mathieu Trudel/Mawt Trood

From June 30th to July 31 2016

Opening June 30, 7 pm.

Music and VJs at 9 pm.

DJs Mr. Caffrey, VJ Daisy, Jas Nasty, Chris International, Gloryhull, Mathieu Thibault, Mimi la Twisteuse, Yanick, JP, Guillaume.

And VJs Hard Science, Sasha Vreca & VJ Ina.

 “Where is Mawt Trood?” – the first posthumous retrospective of Mathieu Trudel (1978-2016) – explores the career of the beloved local artist, VJ and urban illustrator who passed away in May. Daïmon Gallery in Gatineau hosts the exhibition from June 30 to July 31, 2016.

A passionate history buff, Trudel was especially known for his illustrations of mom and pop storefronts of neighborhoods he loved like Vanier or Vieux-Hull. Trudel, also known as Mawt Trood, froze moments in time, capturing eclectic spaces, sometimes before their untimely disappearance or expropriation, and illustrated them as he saw them: works of art. Trudel beckoned his viewer to see beauty in what many took for granted or found ugly, and to ponder about the social and cultural impacts gentrification trends have on low-income neighborhoods. Trudel also enjoyed illustrating spaces or venues he loved and regularly frequented, like cult record store Birdman Sound, Byward Market dive Dominion Tavern, or classics like the Mayfair Theatre.

A lover of vintage fonts and designs, Trudel drew inspiration from artists such as Blue Note graphic designer Reid Miles, Hannah-Barbera, Disney’s Ward Kimball, or illustrators Jim Flora and M. Sasek. His flair for vintage esthetics made him popular with punk and garage artists, who regularly turned to him for concert posters or album cover designs.

The exhibit was organized and curated by Daïmon and friends of Trudel’s, and includes silkscreen prints, animations, visuals, and various personal memorabilia that reveal a glimpse into the artist’s unique vision. The exhibit takes its name from a playful question Trudel always used on social media to introduce photos or hand-drawn sketches of the various spaces and neighborhoods he regularly visited.

“Where is Mawt Trood?” opens June 30 at Daïmon, 78 Hanson Street, in Gatineau. The June 30 opening starts at 7 pm, and will feature various VJs and DJs paying tribute to Trudel. The exhibit runs until July 31.

Media information :
Mireille Bonhomme

Mathieu Trudel (1978-2016) was a visual artist from the Ottawa-Gatineau region. In 2010, he started documenting local storefronts in neighborhoods he found authentic. Over time, the project led him to create several series such as Hulltramar and Vanier Then & Now. In addition, his talent in video projection led him to contribute to several festivals as a VJ. By the end of his career he had participated in projects at artist centres DAÏMÔN and SAW, and festivals like Electric Fields, FOÉ, Arboretum, Chinatown Remixed and Winterlude. In October 2014, Mathieu Trudel was the victim of a bicycle accident. No witnesses came forward and Trudel spent two recuperating months in hospital. In March 2016, Mathieu disappeared and his body was found two months later. The aftermath of his accident appears to have contributed to his tragic end.