Geneviève Le Guerrier-Aubry

Support for First Works

Tactiligne 3D

production residency from September 10 to 17 2011

In the performance Tactiligne 3D, interactivity takes the form of a virtual 3D drawing and an experiment in depicting the movements of the body. The relationship between human being and machine creates virtual images that are revealed only through the viewer’s interactive activity. Our understanding of the graphic representation as aesthetic appreciation derives from its gameplay.[1] The player’s movements create a chain of marked moments in real space. Actions are detected by infrared cameras and leave traces using programming codes which connect the gestur to drawing.


[1] The pleasure derived from an interactive video game.

Geneviève le Guerrier-Aubry lives in Gatineau. She studied visual arts at the Outaouis CEGEP and then visual arts and graphic design at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. Drawn to computerasion, she plunged into an interactive and virtual world. With computer programming as her medium, she addresses various subjects, such as the human being, the machine, the virtual and the trace. Her work’s aesthetic is found in computer programming, performance and the drawings.

Geneviève Le Guerrier-Aubry, Tactiligne