Jean-François Lacombe

Interactive installation situated in front of DAÏMÕN’s entrance, 78 Hanson St., Gatineau
From May 12th until May 24th 2010
Opening Wednesday May12th at 6:30 PM

Imagine an enormous cedar fortunecookie that distributes, at the push of a button, fortunes that range from zany to philosophical and you have Kortunefookie!

Kortunefookie is an interactive public art project that seeks out your participation. To add your social reflections, useless quotes, random spiritual messages or snappy rhetoric to the growing list, visit
Let your imagination guide you! The short texts will be printed by Kortunefookie from May 12th until May 24th while it resides in front of DAÏMÕN’s entrance on Hanson St.

Jean-François Lacombe‘s past is decidedly multidisciplinary. He has conceived environment designs and installations, as well as interactive and graphic solutions for various communication problems. Today, his artistic practice is tributary to his many experiences. This synthesis manifests itself in his work with objects, images and spaces, and emphasizes the interactive potential of networks. He aims to enrich daily experiences, charging them with imagination to allow new outlooks to emerge from reality.

Jean-François Lacombe is an artist, designer, professor at ÉMI in Outaouais. His works ranges between installation and the media arts.

Jean-François Lacombe, KortuneFookie