Julie Tremble

Les Artifices

Research and Creation
from December 14th until December 18 th 2009
and from January 18th until January 29th 2010

The video Les Artifices is part of the series Explosions, which takes explosions as its leitmotif. In this series, Julie Tremble seeks to develop narrative structures which use repetition, analogy, contrast and rhythm rather than relying on a series of causal relationships. Her videos make reference to the first attempts at film fiction and seek to return to a syntax that is not copied from language. She is especially interested in slapstick and stage entertainment films from the early years of the twentieth century, among which adaptations of The Arabian Nights are a flamboyant example.

During her residency at DAÏMÕN, Julie will work on the soundtrack of Les Artifices. Like early cinema, this soundtrack is not the product of the filmed images but is composed to resonate with them. Here the soundtrack is seen as a musical score that must convey meaning on its own, without engaging in description. It must be able to be listened to and understood apart from the image. This score will be created out of VHS tapes (film clips), bodily sounds (rubbing, groaning, grunting, falling), broken objects (thrown against a wall or floor) and brief musical interludes (recorder, harmonica, xylophone-piano). The overall effect will be chaotic and furious.

The sound composition will suggest a complete confusion of ideas and feelings. It will be heavily charged in order to suggest appetite, desire, anger, melancholy, escape and to illustrate the mental landscape of a fallen woman who is accused of every possible sin—someone such as Françoise Sagan, Marguerite Duras, Simenon and Chabrol’s Betty or another of these splendidly excessive women.  

Julie Tremble holds a Master’s degree in cinema studies from the Université de Montréal. Her work has been shown in galleries, festivals and programs throughout Canada. She lives and works in Montreal.

Julie Tremble, LES ARTIFICES, video film