Milutin Gubash

The artist’s talk will take the form of a survey of Milutin Gubash’s photo, video and live-action works made from 2003, when notions of autobiography and its narrative constructs — games played with truth and fiction, fact and fantasy — become foregrounded in his practice.

Serving as an introduction to his oeuvre, the talk will focus on how distinct modes of expression have evolved in relation to one another within his practice, posing the same question in different guises: does the exploration of subjectivity advance or delay an idea of progress?

Gubash is interested in exploring ways in which an image, or the telling of a story, or a the enactment of a simple gesture (like playing a practical joke) may question what is of value in art, and probe arts’ relation to common experience.

Milutin Gubash, Birdsnest Self Potrait