Pascale Théorêt-Groulx

Residency – Support for a first work
February 27 to March 11, 2017

Pascale Théorêt-Groulx has been capturing sounds passing through walls, floors and ceilings for some time now. Those sounds, filtered by wood, metal and gyproc acquire a mesmerizing but also disquieting quality. These waves, transgressing the boundaries of our private and public spaces, remind us of our need for seclusion but also the necessity for collaboration. Amongst the sonic data reaching the microphone, some seem to reveal the nature of the situation that produce them. However, since our hypotheses will never be confirmed, we are left in perpetual limbo.

Perhaps for remedy this uncertainty, I the artist will try to reproduce with my own body, in the way of a foley artist, some of the sounds standing out of the sonic conglomeration. Both naïve and strategic, this appropriative action disrupts the passive voyeuristic gesture of the sound capture and becomes an attempt to reconnect with others and reclaim control over one’s environment.



The practice of Pascale Théorêt-Groulx explores the correlation between the moving body, social codes and phenomenology. Through video, performance and sound, she examines contradictions inherent to human relationships and patterns governing our interaction with our environment.

Pascale Théorêt-Groulx graduated with an MAA in Media Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver and a BFA in Visual Arts with a minor in Comic Studies from the Université du Québec en Outaouais. Her work has been shown in Gatineau, Montréal, Vancouver as well as Banff, in Alberta. She currently lives and works in Montréal.