Peter Flemming

Artist résidency
May 14 to June 14, 2018

Peter Flemming‘s work touches on different fields, be it sound, kinetics, electronics, robotics, mechanics or performance. The artist incorporates in his works, common electronic parts, homemade mechanisms, industrial objects, hardware, obsolete or cheap technology and computer codes copied and pasted together.

During his residency, Peter Flemming will continued the research and the development of Spider Logic, a constantly evolving vocabulary of ideas, techniques and materials that he draw on to create large-scale site-specific installations. These works are complex behavioural systems in which electro-physical devices, circuitry and computer code are cut and-pasted to create changing light, sound and motion. Spider Logic draws on the fields of temporary architecture, intuitive physics, and informal engineering.





Peter Flemming is a full-time artist, part-time professor and some-time curator in Montréal who exhibits and works internationally. Research interests include ad hoc architecture, intuitive physics, informal engineering, neuromimes, solar power, waste harvest, saunas. Flemming’s work considers natural and technological ecologies, in site-specific projects that are resolved intuitively and experimentally.