François Quévillon

Artist in residency
From October 15 to October 25,

DAÏMÔN is pleased to host artist François Quévillon for a special residency from October 15 to 25, 2018.

During his residency at DAÏMÔN, François Quévillon will continue to develop Algorithmic Drive, an interactive artwork focused on transportation automation and the use of dash cams. Algorithmic Drive utilizes data analytics and machine learning related to the development of autonomous vehicles in order to explore the artistic possibilities of a dash cam and on-board motor vehicle computer. Using a controller, users can operate a sampling system that selects scenes according to characteristics of images, sounds and vehicle activity (engine RPM, speed, stability, etc.). Both “smart” and absurd, the system makes palpable the operation of this technology, while at the same time probing the similarities and differences between human perception and that of machines.

In parallel with Algorithmic Drive, Quévillon has realized a series of video pieces on the same subject, entitled Manœuvres. This video series will be broadcast on screens installed in La Filature’s salon space, from October 16 to 27.

Manœuvres (extraits/excerpts) from François Quévillon on Vimeo.

DAÏMON will open its doors to the public from October 22 to 24, during which time François Quévillon and his collaborator Étienne Richan will present the first iteration of Algorithmic Drive. On the evening of October 24, we will be screening the video series Manœuvres, and hosting an artist’s talk and discussion. Members of the public will be able to familiarize themselves with Quévillon’s various artworks, artworks that play with the tension between the systems used in mobile robotics and the unpredictable nature of the world surrounding us.

This residency is a part of a touring exhibition curated by Eric Mattson.



François Quévillon is an artist that develops an interdisciplinary practice through installation, images, sound and technologies. His work explores phenomena of the world and perception by the implementation of processes sensitive to their fluctuations and to the interference of contextual elements. He holds a Master’s degree in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM. Frequently developed during artist residencies, his work has been presented at exhibitions and events around the world (Sundance, ISEA, FILE, ECCV, LOOP Barcelona, IndieBo, Contemporary Istanbul, Quebec Digital Art in NYC, BIAN, among others).

Étienne Richan is currently completing a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke where he is doing a specialization in signal processing and machine learning. He is a member of the research group NECOTIS (Computational Neuroscience and Intelligent Signal Processing) and is particularly interested in the correspondence between sound characteristics and visual representations.

Curator in Arts, Music and Sound, Eric Mattson designs and realizes events in digital and sound arts, in experimental music, both in Quebec, in Canada and abroad. Inspired researcher, he supports the practices of many artists by organizing public interventions, exhibitions and concerts. His most recent achievements are, in 2018, Transformables (V), The Contamination is (here) Positive, La marche est haute ; Territoires. Upcoming, a participation with 5 Canadian artists at the Tsonami festival, in Valparaiso end of 2018, 4 exhibitions and events with the artist François Quévillon in 2018 and 2019.