Talia Shaaked & Ben Globerman

In residency from September 19th to October 9th

Can you experience a place you will never set foot?

Google generates 864,000 results in 0.54 seconds for “North Sentinel Island”. You type out a word, you see an image, you hear a sound, you read an article. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed to understand the underlying processes in technology that facilitate unencumbered access to information. We treat our new appendages like our old, the layperson’s understanding of technological structures commensurate to their knowledge of the biological. As long as the gear keeps turning, you don’t need to know the shape.

Endless and immediate access to information, images and sound has become habitual. Our awareness of the underlying processes of technological communication is absent beyond the performative. Remote Access is an attempt to illustrate this divide. Choosing nine inaccessible locations, we have used a binary coding of the latitude and longitude to direct the images, sound and video of our piece. The wall images are based on coordinates delineated by binary, while the audio is triggered by identical data. Projections appear as a third layer, highlighting 1 of the 9 locations in sequence with the sound. Our intent is to create a liminal space representative of the gulf between action and system. Our goal is not to recreate physical locations, but to translate them, offering a visualization of the intangible realms between physical and digital. Areas forbidden become familiar, but our familiarity is plastic, malleable, and constantly giving way to new forms of contact. Remote Access conveys the disparity between the engaged use of the digital and the experience of the real.



Ben Globerman is a musician, producer and multimedia artist located in Ottawa, ON. Constructing sound through a variety of processes both mechanical and organic, Globerman has composed works for video, theatre and installation. Under his Cabaal moniker, he has performed throughout North America, released 4 LPs, and is a graduate from the Red Bull Music Academy. He is currently working on “Call to Prayer” (2017) an audio installation concerned with religious pluralism in partnership with the City of Ottawa, and is an M.A. Candidate at Carleton University’s Institute of European, Eurasian and Russian Studies (EURUS).

Talia Shaaked is a visual artist born in Ottawa, ON, and is currently based in Winnipeg, MB. She obtained a BFA from Concordia University, and since maintains a practice working in painting, drawing, and site intervention. Her work exists in 2D and 3D forms, cataloguing spaces, structures, and experiences. She has shown in exhibitions nationally and abroad (Iceland). She recently completed an 8 month residency – the Cartae Open School – at aceartinc. Gallery in Winnipeg, MB (2016), and is currently collaborating with architect Jae-Sung Chon at DOT Gallery to present an art & design exhibition platform to OCDI (Open City Design Institute).