Sophie Bélair Clément


Audio installation
Exhibition from April 22 to May 2 2010
At DAÏMÕN’s Studiõ
80 Hanson St, Gatineau

Hi Sophie,

Here is where I’m at with the data. 
I turned off the compressor a few times because someone was working on the sound . . .
and I’m not always in my office, so sometimes I miss it.
Talk to you soon,



DAÏMÕN production centre. Study of the frequency with which the compressor starts up. Located in the basement, it regulates the compressed air system used in the darkroom and in the digital imaging room. March and April 2010.

12h00, 14h00, 15h15, 15h45, 16h15, 16h30, 16h44, 17h00, 10h00, 10h20, 10h35, 10h51, 11h07, 11h23, 11h51, 12h06, 13h33, 10h16, 10h32, 10h47, 11h02, 11h17, 11h33, 11h48, 12h03, 13h35, 13h50, 14h05, 15h11, 15h26, 15h40, 16h20, 16h35, 16h50, 10h22, 10h38, 11h52, 12h07, 13h06, 13h21, 13h34, 13h49, 14h06, 14h22, 14h37, 14h52, 15h03, 15h18, 15h37, 11h08, 11h50, 12h05, 12h18, 12h33, 12h47, 13h15, 13h29, 13h43, 10h10, 10h25, 10h39, 10h54, 11h09, 11h24, 11h39, 11h55, 13h13, 13h28, 13h44, 13h58, 15h12, 15h27, 15h42, 15h58, 16h14, 16h30, 11h40, 11h55, 12h09, 12h24, 13h23, 13h37, 14h06, 15h19, 15h34, 15h49, 16h18, 16h33, 16h47, 17h17, 10h25, 10h40, 10h55, 11h09, 11h17, 11h32, 12h14, 14h01, 14h17, 14h33, 14h49, 15h05, 15h20, 15h36, 10h04, 10h18, 10h34, 10h50, 11h04, 11h20, 11h32, 13h03, 13h19, 13h35. 

The artist would like to warmly thank Guillaume Garant-Rousseau (tuba), Olivier Girouard (recordings, analysis), Simon Guibord (observations) et Olivier Maranda (tubular bell, tam-tam, wooden drums, cymbals, carpet covered floor, metal tubes) for their attentive listening. She also thanks Normand Rivest for reparing the leak.

DAÏMÕN thanks its members, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Service des arts, de la culture et des lettres de la Ville de Gatineau and the Conseil régional des élus de l’Outaouais.

DAÏMÕN, art médiatique et photographie

78, rue Hanson (secteur Hull)
 Gatineau (Québec)  J8Y 3M5

Sophie Bélair Clément is interested in exhibition circumstances, the information obtained in the course of the documentation process and in the dissonances that derive from attempts at recreations. Her performances and installations, contextually developed in collaboration with cultural workers and musicians, suggest sustained attention to the immediate and mediated space. Following an invitation to exhibit her work in Daïmon’s Studio, she became interested in the context of production.

Sophie Bélair Clément