Steve Giasson

Artist résidency
April 2 to May 2, 2018

From March 2nd to April 2nd, DAÏMÔN will be hosting the residency of conceptual artist Steve Giasson.

During his residency, Giasson will be initiating his project Nouvelles Performances invisibles, realizing numerous performative interventions throughout Gatineau. This project is the sequel to Performances invisibles, a series of 130 interventions realized in 2015-2016 in collaboration with DARE-DARE. These performances will consist of decidedly minimalist actions based on conceptual statements and progressively carried out by the artist in public spaces, but without a public per se, hence the “invisibility” of the title. Documentation of these interventions will be available on a dedicated web site.

Giasson will present the results of his work in a group exhibition entitled Tout contexte est art, curated by Jean-Michel Quirion and presented at Galerie UQO from May 2nd to June 9th, 2018.

This curatorial project aims to provoke reflection on issues surrounding dissemination and performance in institutional contexts, specifically through an appropriation of the context itself—in this case, the UQO gallery. Tout contexte est art doesn’t aim to impose a particular theme, but rather proposes a certain conceptual and contextual stance and viewpoint.

DAÏMÔN will host a discussion between Giasson and Quirion at 7 pm, Wednesday, April 25th.




Steve Giasson (Montréal) is a conceptual artist who roots his practice in ideation, firmly rejecting ornament and spectacle. In his work, he makes use of a wide variety of disciplines—conceptual writing, performance, installation, video, photography—with the goal of questioning their limits.

Giasson is currently pursuing a PhD in Études et pratiques des arts (UQÀM). He won the Vitrine culturelle award for emerging artists and was a Cirque du Soleil finalist in Art Souterrain 2015. Giasson lives and works in Montréal, and has published over twenty artist books and poetry collections.

Giasson’s work has been presented in Canada, the US, Mexico, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Greece, in five solo exhibitions and numerous group shows, including the Liverpool Biennial 2012, Text Festival 2011 and 2014 (Manchester), ED RUSCHA BOOKS & Co. at the Museum Brandhorst (2013, Munich) and at Gagosian Gallery (2013, New York City, 2015, Paris and 2016, Beverly Hills). His third solo project, Performances invisibles, presented at DARE-DARE (Montréal) in 2015–2016, consisted of 130 minimalist performances carried out over an entire year.

In 2017, Giasson invited curator Emmanuel Galland to collaborate with him on a retrospective exhibition to be titled Performances invisibles/Nouvelles Performances invisibles.