Victoria Stanton

Performance of Roadside Attractions, Hull

The first half of my residence was spent walking and visually mapping a variety of routes that lead to and from the place where I lived while here in Hull. Having documented several “micro-interventions” while out on these walks, in the second half, a montage of these subtle, yet public performances are to become the backdrop for a half-hour live performance: three-screen projected video accompanying repetitive actions (such as skipping, balancing, and “stationary bike-riding”), punctuated by inter-textual narration – reflections related to being in transit and in transition.

As negotiating new terrain is the central premise of this work, I continue to focus on parallels between performance and travel, and examine comprehensive states of “performative consciousness,” investing a “performative” presence within multiple spaces / times. This investment is multi-faceted as well, as it potentially re-invigorates a landscape for those who inhabit it; public sculpture, local signage and even local businesses become the subjects (and objects) of reconsideration once they have been incorporated (and distilled) into a performative moment. Seen in succession and placed in counterpoint to each other, the images and actions (both on and off-screen) come to visually embody a disjointed process of “arriving” while also proposing a strategy for Being. Here. Now.

Victoria Stanton, Roadside, 2008