Untitled (Titled) / Artist in Residence
From February 1 to February 29, 2016

For the residency at DAÏMÔN I plan to develop a research-based project with the working title Untitled (Titled). This investigation is a continuation of my exploration on the ideological construction of multiculturalism and its internal mechanisms. The project aims to make visible the uneven cultural and linguistic translations that immigrants perform when moving to a new country with the hopes of revealing some of the assimilative strategies and the limits of multiculturalism, as constructed in the West. I plan to conduct interview with individuals who went through processes of changing their name from their native tongue to a Westernize equivalent. The outcome of my investigations will be made visible through an installation of lenticulars.

Untitled (Titled) / Artist in Residence, Jacqueline Hon Nguyēn in Residence