Jean-François Lacombe and François Chalifour

Creation stay from 1 to 24 November 2010

Inaugural evening: 3 November 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in DAÏMÕN’s STUDIO

Do we ever arrive anywhere, or are we always en route?

Living and settling “here” or living elsewhere and travelling: what’s the difference? This, in a word, is the question posed by this project. Through a pragmatic exploration of these two models for occupying a place, which derive from the sedentary and nomadic lives of olden times, Jean-François Lacombe and François Chalifour don’t look for an answer to the question so much as they seek a present-day, graphic and visual way of expressing the problem.

A pragmatic exploration of sedentary and nomadic lives by way of (or in the voice of) specific cases of individuals who have chosen to stay in the Outaouais region as opposed to others who have chosen to travel about in it. Have the new tools for communication had an impact on their behaviour, on the well-suitedness of their lifestyle, on the breaking up or concentration of their networks?

A simple sociological investigation, made up of video information gathered from a customary travel experience, will form the formal basis of the project. This investigation will be used to create a subjective graphic synthesis that will overlay the audio-video results. A kind of transferral of what is heard towards something one can see will give the viewer a firm handle on the matter.

Evening on 3 November

As part of their project at Daïmõn, Jean-François Lacombe and François Chalifour will gather data live at the inaugural evening of their creation stay on 3 November. Those wishing to take part in this activity should answer the following questions:

1) Do you live here or have you chosen to live elsewhere and travel in the region?

2) Describe a typical trip of yours and evaluate its consequences on your lifestyle.

François Chalifour has been working in painting, drawing and multidisciplinary installation for more than twenty years. He holds a doctorate in semiology and is also an established theorist with numerous theoretical and critical articles to his credit. He has contributed to publications such as the cultural journal Liaison, the international semiotics journal Visio and the sculpture journal Espace sculpture. He has published a book chapter with the publisher 3D, an artist’s monograph with the publisher Interlignes and numerous catalogue essays. He also has a teaching career at the CEGEP de l’Outaouais and the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Jean-François Lacombe is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher at the École multidisciplinaire de l’image (EMI) in the Outaouais. He divides his time between Montreal and Ottawa. His current investigations focus on the identity of places, interactivity and event design. His work as a whole is principally motivated, on both a theoretical and empirical level, by the project’s site. His work has been presented in galleries and artist-run centres and at several events in Quebec, Ontario and the United States.

Jean-François Lacombe and François Chalifour, CARNET