Catherine Garcia Cournoyer

Artist in residency
From June 3 to 28,

DAÏMÔN is pleased to host artist Catherine Garcia Cournoyer for a three-week residency, from June 3 to 28 2019, where she will be working on an exclusive project.
When looking at photographs of our family, what stories do they tell us? What memories do they bring back? These shots can keep track of the past, but what happens when you do not recognize all the elements in the photograph? And what happens when it’s not about our own family, but about someone else’s?
During her residency, Catherine Garica Cournoyer will draw inspiration from these questions and reflections. Her exploration, linked to the elaboration of her thesis for a Master of Arts degree, deals with the appropriation of her family photographs by photographic retouching. The selected images consist of photographs from the family on the father’s side of the artist. These photographs represent different events that the artist usually knows little about, except the fact that they are about members of her family.
The approach is experimental and consists of using various techniques of photographic retouching. Catherine transforms these family photographs into personal images to which she associates her own stories, her memory and her perception, as well as those of her family. Step by step, we see the photographs transform and a story being told .



Catherine Garcia Cournoyer is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer from the Gatineau area. Very much involved in the Gatineau’s artistic community, she is a member of the management board of two non-profit organizations: Aylmer Arts Council and Corrid’art. For some years now, her artistic practice has been oriented towards the digital arts, especially photography retouching. In her latest series of works, she has exploited the thematic of the imagination modifying and combining photographs she took while walking in the area or travelling abroad.


Catherine, who is already a bachelor in graphic design with a minor in visual arts, is currently completing her thesis for a master’s degree in arts practice. Her thesis subject is focused on how people use family photographs and the stories they evoke. Following an intimate approach, she transforms her images in order to create new spaces and new realities corresponding to her memories and the stories she tells.