Artist in Residence


ARTIST IN RESIDENCE | November 1st to 26th, 2021

The Centre de production DAÏMÔN is pleased to welcome in residence Alexis Langevin-Tétrault.

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault is an interdisciplinary artist who combines music composition, digital technologies, visual arts and performance in his approach. He has participated in the founding of various electronic music and digital art projects including the Falaises, DATANOISE, QUADr, ILEA, BetaFeed and Recepteurz collectives, in addition to presenting solo performances such as Hypercube (one) and Interférences (String Network). His current work explores the concept of corporeality and is characterized by audiovisual device design, physical performance, scenographic and dramaturgical work, critical and in-depth use of digital audio technologies, exploration of sound timbre, and conceptual and social reflection.

His work has been presented in more than 100 international events, including Ars Electronica (AT), ISEA (KR)(CA), L.E.V. (ESP), Transart (IT), ADAF (GR), MUTEK (CA)(ES)(JP), Biennale NÉMO (FR), NEXT (SVK), Électrons Libres Scopitone (FR), BIAN-Elektra (CA), Akousma (CA), Mois Multi (CA), Sines & Squares (UK) and Espace du son (BE). He was awarded by the Destellos foundation (AR) in 2014 and 2015, by the SOCAN foundation in 2015 (CA), then by the Musiques et Recherches foundation (BE), by the Semaine Internationale de la Musique Électroacoustique (FR) as well as by the Exhibitronic festival (FR) in 2016.

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault completed a bachelor’s degree and graduate studies in sociology of culture at the Université du Québec à Montréal, as well as a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in digital audio composition at the Université de Montréal under the direction of Nicolas Bernier. He is a member of the Perte de Signal in Montreal, Canada. He is one of the founding directors of REPAIRE, the Quebec independent art research and experimentation peer group.

Point de fuite

(Working title)

In this research and experimentation project, Alexis Langevin-Tétrault explores the concept of mechanical tension through a minimalist audiovisual performance. He develops a device made of ropes and sensors built from the architecture of the place, with which he interacts in order to generate and interpret sound synthesis, light effects, or video. Langevin-Tétrault thus continues the approach adopted in his previous projects Interférences and Hypercube on the corporality of the work, in a less spectacular and more purified optic, and by being more interested in the use of space, in the endangerment and in the perspective as driving principles.

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