Stephen Beaupré

Artist in residency
From July 8 to August 5, 

DAÏMÔN is pleased to host artist Stephen Beaupré for a four-week residency, from July 8 to August 5, 2019, where he will be working on an exclusive project.
“ In her experimental essay The Mushroom At The End of the World, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing evokes the fungal bodies that extend themselves in nets and skeins below the forest floor, binding roots and mineral soils, long before producing mushrooms, suggesting that all things emerge from similarly hidden collaborations.
Fundamental to the focus of my work is the entanglement of nature, the impelling interwoven mutualism that provides the sustaining structures of cyclical growth. Permaculture has been a constant theme that I have pursued over the past few years of research and creation, be it with the recent series of curated workshops and reading circle events at OBORO in 2018, titled Permaculture (Refused title)or through my experimental music collaboration with biologist and permaculturist Stefan Sobkowiak, in which birdsong was observed as a measure of the health of the land, recorded and used as the basis for musical production.
Stemming from this approach, my research for Hyphae will further explore the relationship of soil health and the intervention of human exploitation. Drawing imagery from the visible and audible layer of flora and fauna and from its mysterious soil horizons where entangled aggregate structures of roots, mycelium and organisms interact, I aim to create a musical and visual cartography of a selected area in the Outaouais Valley. “
Stephen Beaupré



Montreal has been home for Stephen Beaupré’s distinct and exhilarating musical production for 2 decades. Attracting early attention as part of the techno duo Crackhaus, in collaboration with dub-conjurer Scott Monteith aka Deabeat. Stephen gained further recognition as a solo artist with releases on Montreal label Musique Risquée, particularly his 2006 album, the skillful Foe Destroyer. Since, he has released music on acclaimed labels such as Circus Company, Wagon Repair and Perlon. Through his particular musical approach, Stephen constructs rich forms of spirited rhythms, lush melodies and wistful vocals that excite the dance floor while retaining a subtle and emotional influence and has toured extensively around the globe performing in clubs and festivals. In recent years, Stephen widened the extent of his artistic practice with his participation in music residencies and gallery shows both solo and as part of the project Gemmiform, created with visual artist Nancy Belzille. These days, incorporating conceptual permaculture-based approaches to his artistic practice, he has adopted a more ecological focus around the enmeshed relationship of creativity and nature.