Julien Morissette

Artist in residency
From December 3 to 21,

DAÏMÔN is pleased to be hosting artist Julien Morissette for a residency where he will be working on his project INT. NUIT.


During a three-week residency at DAÏMÔN, Julien Morissette examines sonic and narrative processes in a series of radio pieces focused on the night and its many representations.

INT. NUIT stems from research on the night-time atmosphere of a radio studio. How can one tap into this particular ambiance, draw it into a space of creation, and disseminate it?

While working in a creative mode, Morissette here draws from the expressive codes normally used in radio broadcasting, rearticulating and rearranging them into a space beyond the informational and entertainment-driven roles usually associated with radio. In this way, he creates entirely sonic narratives via radiophonic writing that creatively misuses communication industry conventions. In order to do so, Morissette brings together countless noises, Foley sounds, pieces of music, spoken accounts and conversations revolving around the ambiance specific to the nighttime world. He also integrates several anecdotal stories written and recorded with playwrights and authors during creative sessions held during the residency.




Julien Morissette is a director and musician originally from Gatineau, where he lives and works. Since 2016, he has also fostered a digital arts practice focused on radio-based creation and storytelling. He has directed radio docs for Télé-Québec, Radio-Canada and QUB radio, and is the cofounder of the digital radio event Transistor. Morissette also acts as artistic consultant for various theatre, sound installation and radio art projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in film studies from Université de Montréal and a master’s in media studies from the University of Ottawa.