Laura Paolini

Auto-designed Residency | October 2023 – March 2024

Laura Paolini (she/her) currently lives in Ottawa, unceded and unsurrendered Anishinaabe Algonquin territory. Her artwork is primarily conceptual and manifests through installations, videos, and performances, often unfolding where these forms meet, merge and collapse. She has exhibited in various Canadian institutions including Hamilton Artists Inc, The Ottawa Art Gallery, and Art Mûr during the 17th edition of Fresh Paint/New Construction (2021). She recently performed during PERF; a performance art Biennale hosted by AXENÉO7 (evening curated by Anna Khimasia and Thomas Grondin). 

Paolini earned an MFA from the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa (2021). In addition to previously published writing, she is currently a member of the editorial committee for Peripheral Review, an independent platform for critical and experimental art writing in Canada. Her video works are distributed through Vtape (Toronto).

Photo credit (below): Henry Chan

Residency Statement

“When I work with performance through video, I cite from performance for camera traditions by using long takes, single shots, and performing in anonymous but familiar interior spaces. I align with the performance for camera tradition historically, as it was used specifically by women/feminist artists to address the self through video’s instantaneity and seeming objectivity. The research and production I hope to accomplish during my auto Design residency with DAÏMÔN works towards a new video work. 

During July 2023, I participated in a research residency with FAC Toronto, hosted by Artscape at Gibraltar Point. Some of the recorded materials, experiments and related research will be implemented into this production period at  DAÏMÔN. The imagery I would like to use involves water and snow, and use various sounds from music and ambient recordings.”

-Laura Paolini, 2023