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Unique in the region, our darkroom allows to experiment with traditional photography techniques. With an area of ​​10 x 29 pc, it is equipped with an Omega enlarger with variable condenser type D, 35 mm, 2 1/4 and 4×5, up to 30 x 40 in., Flat, with Schneifer lenses. Kreuznach, Componon-s 2.8 / 50 mm, Componon-S 4/80 mm, Rodenstock-Rodagon 5.6 / 150 mm as well as development trays and an archival print washer.

  • Artist : 7$/hour | 50$/10 hour block
  • Organisation : 12$/hour | 100$/10 hour block

Available by reservation only.

To find out which time slots are available for booking, consult our darkroom calendar here.

To make your reservation of the darkroom, please contact us at:

Ambisonic Studio

The ambisonic studio is optimized for sound creation, post-production and mixing. With Neumann speakers in 7.1 configuration, it is possible to work in 3D audio. The Metric Halo audio interfaces, external processors and various microphone preamplifiers are suitable for all types of practices and sound recording. Connected to the multi-function Studio, it also allows the recording of ensemble performances and experimentation in space. Please note: an orientation of 30 minutes is necessary for members who want to work without technician support.

  • Artist : 50$/hour| 250$/day *
  • Organisation : 60$/hour| 300$/day *

Available by reservation only.
* Additional fees apply for studio use outside regular operating hours.

Electronics Lab

The electronic lab is equipped with a numerically adjustable soldering iron, an oscilloscope, a multi-meter, a smoke extractor as well as a range of safety tools and equipment necessary for construction, repair and handling electronic circuits.

  • Artist : 10$/hour| 60$/day
  • Organisation : 15$/hour| 90$/day

Available by reservation only.

Multi-Function Studio

With a surface area of ​​28 ‘x 33’ and a free height of 16 ‘, our multi-functional studio allows research, creation, exploration and placement of complex works using several media. Polished cement floor, grid and lighting console, suspended video projector, sound system and quadraphonic speaker.

  • Artist : 150$/day *
  • Organisation : 300$/day *

Available by reservation only.
* Additional fees apply for studio use outside regular operating hours.

Printing Services


We offer high quality digital printing services, using water-based inks that can be used on a wide variety of materials (paper, vinyl, transparent materials, fabrics and others). The prints correspond to the museum and archival standards in force. The services of a technician to adjust formats and colors are also available on request ($).

  • Prints : Varied prices
  • Technical services : 31$/h – 45$/h

Services available upon reservation only.
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Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

The DAÏMÔN Production Center offers rental services for advanced equipment for the production and distribution of sound, video, photographic, electronic and new media creations.

Please note: Available by reservation only. Equipment availability may vary.
Rental: Variable prices
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