Through the "Cercles de pratiques", DAÏMÔN aims to foster interactions between members of the community, encourage the sharing of experience and expertise and encourage peer learning.

By offering participating members periods of meetings and exchanges, as well as workspaces, DAÏMÔN encourages mentoring, experimentation and the dynamic development of artistic practices in media arts.

Through the Circles of practices, the DAÏMÔN team wishes to encourage its members to get involved in their community. The circles support the transmission of expertise and the acquisition of new knowledge. Follow us on Facebook for all the lineup!


Within the Cercle électronique, members are invited to experiment with everything from circuits, DIY synthesizers, robotics, microcontrollers to programming and coding. This circle can be of interest to both multidisciplinary visual artists and musicians wanting to learn how to repair or maintain equipment. Members will be invited to workshops and conferences, will be able to take advantage of the electronics laboratory, the soldering iron and the oscilloscope to troubleshoot their circuits; or even assemble a homemade modular synthesizer in a group.


Both film and digital photography artists are found within the Cercle photographie. Members are invited to discover and occupy the darkroom, test printing materials, compare the effect of lenses and experiment with lighting in our multifunction studio, as well as endlessly debate the ultimate question: should we say “cheese” or “pepsi” to have an optimal smile?


Within the Cercle audio, members are invited to reflect, deconstruct and experiment with audio art and music. Activities include critical listening sessions, group workshops on recording techniques and discussion panels, and field recording hikes.


Within the Cercle vidéo, members are invited to study capture, post-production and special effects. They will also have the opportunity to learn more about 3D modeling, animation and everything related to the moving image. The members of the circle could, for example, set up ad hoc private screening activities to present their work in progress and invite peers to criticize them.