Lisanne Rheault-Leblanc

First Works| September 2022

Originally from Trois-Rivières, Lisanne Rheault-Leblanc has a master’s degree in literary creation from UQAM and works in the book industry. Influenced by writers of magic realism and gothic and flirting with the fantastic, her writing, like a fish from the abyss, probes the shadowy areas of reality to reveal its flaws, to give birth to doubt and instill unease, highlighting the inherent loneliness of existence as well as its incurable tragedy. The author has fun crossing forbidden lines, those that lead from one form to another, from one state to another, sometimes without return.

Untitled work

Troubled by the dazzling development of artificial intelligence, and even more so by its increasingly frequent incursion into the field of art, specifically in literature, Lisanne Rheault-Leblanc chose to make a pact with the “enemy” to write her first novel. Whether through text generators or conversational robots, during this residency she will explore the “psyche” of AIs, in search of a literary voice in the machine in order to model the perfect narrator-robot to inhabit her text. anticipation.