Marie Samuel Levasseur

Auto-Designed Residency | June – December 2023

Marie Samuel Levasseur melds a multi-disciplinary practice of art and living, developing a collaborative approach to creation through conversation. She uses multiplicity and micro-narratives to capture the unspeakable, as well as the plurality of identities in the expression of trauma-related self-narratives. She holds a master’s degree in visual and media arts from UQAM, as well as credits in cinema from UdeM and micro-editing from EESI in Poitiers-Angoulême, France. As curator and editor at the Centre for Arts and Social Innovation of the National Theatre School of Canada, she develops research-creation and knowledge-sharing platforms for well-being through theater.

She is currently working on the project “Vers un patrimoine immatériel du bavardagethrough her residency at DAÏMÔN.

Vers un patrimoine immatériel du bavardage

Through her residency, Marie Samuel Levasseur explores the notion of intangible heritage, following an audio approach to storytelling supported by multiplicity and micro-storytelling, as she activates the archives and discourses developed during her chat and zine co-creation sessions. Having accumulated over 500 zines created during her sessions, the artist plans to explore the audio aspects of her narratives, but also to spatialize sound recordings in web and installation form. At the end of this residency, this transposition is intended to take the form in both a virtual and a physical space, both of which allow the public to wander around and become active witnesses.