Naomi Cook

Autonomous Residency | April – October 2024

NAOMI COOK (b. 1982) lives and works in-between Montréal and Paris, studied art and philosophy at Concordia University, Montréal and received a Master 2 / Diplôme des Beaux-Arts de l’ESADHaR, Le Havre, France. Her work consists of research into large data sets as a way of creating visual representations that reveal embed patterns and poetry.

Her first book — Asterisms, was published by Anteism Books in 2021. She is represented by Christie Contemporary – Toronto. She will be exhibiting at Belle Beau in Arles as part of the Festival du Dessin 2024.

Photo credit: Samuel Landée

Data Suite


” ‘Data Suite’ aspires to create a fully immersive environment consisting exclusively of data-visualizing works and taking the form of a recreated hotel suite. Each data set will be embodied in an everyday object found in a hotel room or suite such as a bed, a headboard, a welcome mat, a lamp, a pillow, a bible, etc. Thus, the objective data patterns will reveal themselves as tangible, tactile, and relatable. 

A hotel suite can be both a shared public and private space. ‘Data Suite’ mimics the combination of the intimate and the impersonal in large sets of data. By embodying the online or digital world in a hotel suite, which both exists and doesn’t exist as a “home” for someone, I hope to question our comfort and participation in that world. By enacting the colonization of this type of “undead” space, I hope to highlight our willingness to participate in the quantification of our personal information. I believe that data is one of the most important trading agents in our contemporary reality, and its use should be discussed at all levels of society.

-Naomi Cook, 2024

In the context of our Autonomous Residency program, Naomi will work on her project, between the months of April and October 2024, both remotely and on-site at the Centre de production DAÏMÔN .