2nd edition | August 26th to September 19th, 2021

Radio-Hull, 2nd Edition :
An Ephemeral Interdisciplinary Radio Event

From August 26 to September 19, 2021, the Centre de production DAÏMÔN will present the second edition of Radio-Hull; 25 days of original programming highlighting local artistic practices. This initiative is made possible thanks to the artistic contribution of many artists, organizations and partners that we invite you to discover with us.

Bringing together local communities, Radio-Hull is a unique interdisciplinary radio event that accompanies you day and night in your exploration of the arts and the city. As part of this second edition, the Centre de production DAÏMÔN presents a series of four outdoor electronic concerts, a window exhibition by artist Katherine Melançon Daucus Carota, as well as the creation and collective listening of an wind organ, made of recycled materials decorated by the children of the Coopérative des Artistes du Ruisseau.

The Centre d’artistes AXENÉO7 is proposing a series of discussions on Fait maison; Le Pressoir interviews local musicians; Éditions l´Interligne, a special program featuring the work of their authors; Joual de Bataille will make you discover poetry in a different light; artists François Lescalier and Aymara Alvarado Sanchez team up for a special event; Corinne Lapasfine offers you La Pause Prose Rose; and the Maison des arts littéraires will join us starting September 10 with a trio of original capsules echoing their programming in downtown Hull. And all of this is just a preview!

To find out all about our programming, visit www.radiohull.ca and above all, tune in to 106.5 FM to discover the richness and diversity of the region’s arts and culture!