Résidence d'artiste


November 2 to 30

During his residency, John Boyle-Singfield will work on new personal projects on the hinge of thought, between subject and object.

This is a series of investigations into the identity “delays” of these two states, perpetually repeated within a transactional field. Exploring the regressive nature of the modern and post-modern condition, the artist wishes to represent the breaking point of this logic, caused by an immense accumulation of systems quantifying our desires in relation to commodities.
John Boyle-Singfield was born in 1987. He holds a master’s degree from Concordia University and a bachelor’s degree from Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. His work explores the desires and terrors of the anthropocene using an idiosyncratic practice that combines writing, film and visual arts. Steeped in the history of social criticism, Boyle-Singfield’s approach is often tinged with serious and laconic humour, giving his work a particular resistance to idolatry.