Artist Residency


FIRST WORKS | December 7th to 20th 2020

The DAÏMÔN Production Center is pleased to welcome in residence, as part of the First Works program, Polymatopée.

Polymatopée is a synthrock musical duo, composed of Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé and Alexandre Pépin.

During their two-week artist residency at DAÏMÔN in December 2020, the members of Polymatopée experiment with mapping, video integration and the control of videos and projections using their instruments.

This video mapping exploration and learning exercise will allow them to create more interactive and dynamic musical performances, and less static projections by controlling video and lighting with their instruments. They will also develop their autonomy and digital mobility during shows and tours.

Polymatopée is a group of self-taught multi-instrumentalist musicians from Montreal. Since their first encounter in 2010, Alex and J-S have worked together several times, one as a musician, the other as a director, on three albums with other artists. But it is in 2019 that they officially form the duo Polymatopée. A project with a name representing the variety of sounds and techniques they experiment with. They have since learned from and nourished each other.

Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé is a mixer, matrix maker, album producer, music composer for TV series.

Alexandre Pépin is a former visual artist, rebellious and spontaneous in his approach, but above all, a patent geek of sound and electronics.

You can continue to follow their work on their Facebook page:

We wish to thank the Centre d’artistes AXENÉO7 for their support in the realization of this artist residency.