Projet EVA

Formed by Etienne Grenier and Simon Laroche, Projet EVA is a collective that has been producing and disseminating digital artworks around the world since 2003. The installations and performances produced by the duo stand out by the reversal of paradigms common in the techno-cultural milieu and question the proximity that is often observed between the sphere of entertainment and that of digital art.


Nous sommes les fils et les filles de l’électricité (NSFFDE)

September 17th @7:00 pm & @8:30 pm

Book your tickets now : https://lepointdevente.com/billets/sporobolegatineau

Combining performance, participative live show and digital arts, Nous sommes les fils et les filles de l’électricité (NSFFDE) is a radical interdisciplinary proposal. In a space plunged into darkness, the faces of the members of the audience are lit by a set of pico-projectors. Each person’s head is “cut off” from his or her body and placed in such a way that the gaze of each person is focused on the other participant, seated directly opposite. In this environment, the faces of the spectator-participants are illuminated and modified by video projections. Behavioral instructions are transmitted to them through headsets, in order to allow the development of a narrative in which they become the members of this fictitious community. Playing their own role, the audience members will explore themes of personal and cultural identity, collective and political becoming through the filter of power dynamics. Through an aesthetic and a technological deployment evoking the experiments of mental manipulation under psychotropic drugs set up by the CIA in the 50s, NSFFDE involves its audience in a disconcerting staging in order to reprogram it.

This project is made possible by the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Sporobole, the Conseil des arts du Canada and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.