Steve Bates

Artist residency | September 2022

Steve Bates is an artist and musician currently living on Treaty 6/Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His work has been exhibited, transmitted and performed across Canada, the United States, Europe, Chile and Senegal at venues such as the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Casino Luxembourg, Dazibao, Fonderie Darling, Suoni per il Popolo, Mutek, Radio Revolten, and others.

Thalassa Neon Julia

Working from material collected at the Koumelas Quarries on Tinos, Greece, Bates will create a work for radio based on field recordings, collaborations with Greek musicians and original music. The Koumelas Quarries, named Thalassa, Neon, and Julia, are known for their unique green marble appearance that quarrymen have worked for centuries. Now retired, the quarries are a site of great cultural importance and link the traditions of Tinian marble production, Greek art and culture, economics and extractive practices.