Artist in residence

Sarah Seené

Artist residency | June to September, 2022

The Centre de production DAÏMÔN and the artist run center AXENÉO7 are proud to welcome, Sarah Seené.

Sarah Seené is a photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Montreal. Born in the East of France in 1987, she learned film photography at the age of 16. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature from the Faculty of Language Sciences in Besançon and a master’s degree in Cinematographic Research from the Faculty of Letters and Languages ​​in Poitiers.

Through a practice focused on the portrait, her still and moving images strive to highlight the human being through a poetics of the intimate image, produced on film.

Her work has been shown in several personal and collective exhibitions such as the Voix-off festival (France), the Revela-T festival (Spain) or the Biennale de photographie en Condroz (Belgium) and in several film festivals such as the FNC – Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Canada), Filmfest Dresden (Germany) and the Ann Arbor Film Festival (United States).

Her experimental short documentary Lumen has won several international prizes and awards.

The project :

A few months ago, during my first visit to DAÏMÔN, I was struck by the diversity of people I met around La Filature. Since my view of old Hull is totally new, I intend to use this freshness to meet the different members of the community. Through a photographic and sound project, my goal is to collect the stories that the inhabitants have with the Hull territory. This project will be dedicated to translating the essence of each of the people I will meet, into images and sounds.

I will work with DAÏMÔN’s Mamiya RZ67 camera to explore the 120mm Black and White film that I have never used until today. I am particularly interested in its format, which is very suitable for portraits. I will develop the films in DAÏMÔN’s darkroom before making paper prints. In the idea of ​​an intimate harmony in resonance with the portraits, I will produce a soundtrack bringing together the voices of those I will photograph as well as the sound atmosphere of old Hull.

I am convinced that a powerful work as well as a very strong human and artistic experience will result from this creation residency.

Photo credit : Guillaume Vallée